Circle in the symbol language is the equivalent to sun.
Symbol which means spiritual growth, perfection.
Here “circle” surrounds seven Culture Centres of Vilnius district.

Even though all districts are located only 15-30km away from Vilnius,
they already have strong community and certain cultural layer with
local interests.
“Circle of Culture” may cover small group of people or even all community, but nevertheless it is still in a way limited by “circle”.

Vilnius was chosen starting point as center of Lithuania – capital and a cultural center.

There were seven towns located in the circle around
Vilnius with Cultural Centres, functional or not anymore.

The Cultural Centres were photographed using stereoscope
camera. Lenses give the possibility to see three
dimensional view.

Slides placed in the circle shaped plate, which is turning
the wheel as travelling around the Cultural Centres of
Vilnius District.

Region of Vilnius,