I bought a handbag in the boutique-shop at the Vilnius Old Town.
I’ve found a stack of business cards and some women’s personal items
in the inner pocket of the bag.
I wrote a letter to Kim writing her’s handbag story in Lithuania
and asking to tell the bag’s journey from her home.
Fragment from the first Kim’s letter to me:
“What a lovely surprise !
I was shocked to hear that you have come across my bag in that way,
I donated it to the local supermarket collection in my home town that
should have been given to charity not for re sale in a shop.
I am pleased that it has gone to a good home but it was never
my intention to have it sold on. “
I sent my not portable bag with my hidden contacts on the inside
pocket of the bag to Kim.

Kim will give the bag as charity to the same supermarket.
My bag begun its journey.
I wait to receive a letter one day.

Great Britan – Lithuania -